Hide and Go Seekidee

This week Cowboy has given hide and seek a new name~Hide and Go Seekidee! I don’t think he realizes that he’s changed it, but it makes me giggle to hear the new name. I was folding endless piles of laundry and putting them in their places when I heard the kids screaming, laughing and Cowboy saying peekaboo! Here’s my sweet boy trying to hide his smile with Little Miss L trying to take him down…

And here is Miss L getting ready to pop out from her oh so secret hiding spot {that Cowboy helped her get into with a bunch of soft pillows} I only wish instead of putting them under and over her, he would have put them to the sides since she’s right next to our bed frame and her carseat! I’m now thinking I know where she got the little ouchie on her chin!

I’m linking up to this awesome party! Ah, I love the simple things, such as, a sweet game of hide and go seekidee!


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