Me, awarded?!

I’m so excited,
 a couple people think I’m kinda neat and awarded me with these!
I received the Butterfly Award from Karima over at Karima’s Crafts
Thank you Karima!

Here are the fun questions I get to answer
1. Name your favorite color-at the moment, all shades of blue
2. Name of your favorite song-God Gave Me You-Blake Shelton—if you haven’t heard it I attached it in a previous post here along with some wedding pictures 🙂
3. Name your favorite dessert-My sister in law’s chocolate chip cookies with milk
4. What wizzes you off at the moment?-I think this means, annoys you? My children being picky…more on that below
5. Your favorite pet-We {my parents} have always had dogs. Golden retrievers and a sheltie, but we only have 1 at a time. Fletch, Sundance, Chubby Nugget, and Ellie
6. Black or white-If I’m wearing it, black is more slimming. In the house, white
7. Your biggest fear-Losing a child
8. Best feature-I’m a loyal friend
10. What is perfection? Trying to see the world the way my children see it
11. Guilty Pleasure-Me time, I need it
12. When you’re upset you…{my husband reminds me} that I can only control myself and the way I react
I got this award from my good friend Lesley over at Fabulously Flawed 
Seriously go check out what story she shared over on her blog. It is hilarious!
I can barely think straight because of how randomly awesome and honest her post was.
She asked the us to share a story true or not in order to accept the award.
I have one fresh on my mind, heck it took up most of my evening and you can decide the true parts and the exaggerated parts and hopefully some of you can relate.
I have 2 extremely picky eaters. When our son turned 2 and only ate pirate’s booty, pretzels and quesadillas we knew we had to take control of the situation. People told us to force it, to bribe, to reward, to put a time limit, to spank, to be patient, and to negotiate. The last thing I wanted was for Mr. J to come home after a long day to a stressful evening accompanied by a witch of a wife. I decided to try to negotiate, I set the terms, but Cowboy got a say. He could pick breakfast and lunch, but he had to try dinner, which later turned into eat all that was on his plate. Oh my heavens, months of bawling and tantrums, and he even threw up a couple times. It was so sad, but I told him in order to be like the Hulk, he needed to eat healthy things. He still takes awhile to eat, but he eats what is on his plate. He has tried most veggies, most fruits, meats and fish without the tantrum.
His sister was an amazing baby food eater, almost too amazing. She’s almost 2 and I’m annoyed with her only eating fruit and snacking throughout the day. I made bbq chicken quesadillas today. Plain for the kids and was hoping she would at least try it. She started fighting it, well guess who decided she would lay down the law? Me.
Mr. J is out on business for the week and maybe I’m a bit too high strung, especially since it’s only Tuesday.
She would not try the corn or the quesadilla, and would only eat the blueberries when Cowboy would come inside to feed her. It broke her heart that he got to play and swim outside {grandpa was on pool duty} and I could tell she thought her world was ending. It was breaking my heart too, but I couldn’t be inconsistent. Then there came the pouting from BOTH of us. I was complaining to my mom who was telling me I was doing great being patient, she’s the best! When I finally got her to eat 2 measly bites, I decided an hour of this crap was enough for me. The second I opened the back door, Little Miss L lifted her chubby fingers and motioned “come on” like NOTHING had happened. Are you kidding me?! My dad made some joke about my daughter being as stubborn as her mother and I just gave him the look. Talk about complete witch…I don’t do well when my husband is out of town. After realizing the pool was a tad bit cold, I gave the kids a bath and was going to put them straight into bed an hour early until my mom reminded me that they’d probably wake up an hour earlier. I got them ready anyways and they mellowed out a bit. When I begged my mom to go put Little Miss L down, she was requesting momma. I went in, still pouting, because I’m not a grown woman or anything and she climbed right on top of me and kept saying momma. Every tense muscle in my body relaxed, I started rubbing her back, started her music thing, and my mom said “momma said there’d be days like this.” I swear my mom didn’t have days like this because we were perfect children, or so she says and she has an insane amount of patience. She left us alone for a minute and I rolled Diva for a day onto her pillow, took her binky out, smothered her with kisses and she giggled for the first time in hours, didn’t even beg for her binky back.
Even though when I first went in there, I will admit I was thinking, ughh it’s 9:15 “my time.” 
I thought that my coffee table was tapping it’s leg waiting to be sanded.
I dropped the ball on the ayso soccer for cowboy {I will blame moving and 1st time mother trying to give the kid options}and now need to look into other things to get the boy involved.
My coupons are not filed yet for the week
Laundry was still in a pile.
The list goes on and on and on.
I know that while I was in there with Dinnertime Diva, surrounded by her absurd amount of sleeping buddies (horsy, 2 puppies, blankie, duck, and bear)
she knew I’m a sucker for her and that I love her, always.
We will see what dinnertime brings today.
  I’m going to give these awards to 5 ladies and they can pick if they want both awards or just 1 and let me know if you do it so I can come check it out!


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  1. Karima says:

    Yeah – Thanks so much. I give an award and receive an award in return – can’t get much better than that! Karima x

  2. McKelle says:

    I’m floored that you thought to give this too me!! Thank you soooo much! I had to laugh at your little Dinner Diva. We’d had the same diva (though he’s a boy…what’s the equivalence for a boy..Divo?) at our table. He’s gagged soo many times that I can’t count because I’ve made him “just try it”. But life could be worse I guess and I’ve learned that he won’t starve himselve. I will do both of these awards. Thanks gain! (I will be giddy all day!)

  3. Thanks sooo much for the award!! I can’t believe you chose my blog! I just posted it. (I did the blog on fire one). My daughter is two and a great eater, but my son is 6 months old and I can already tell he is picky! I started him on veggies a bit early due to reflux and he makes the most hilarious faces in disgust. I am sure it won’t be funny much longer though! Thanks for your story and for the awards!!!

  4. Marilyn says:

    ;)) I’m officially following you from Chubby Cheeks Hop Today. :)) Cute and lovely blog.. Can’t wait to read more.. Hope you can visit me sometime.. I’m Marilyn from ;)) ps: officially following ya on pinterest as well ;))

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