The Simple Things

I would love to understand how my childrens little minds work.
It doesn’t dawn on them to get fully dressed before walking out the front door on this gorgeous fall evening.
Lucky for them, they get to watch their uncles and friends play a game of football in the street.
It doesn’t dawn on them that they might step on a rock or to put on shoes.
They think it’s pure luck to get in a good game of fetch with the neighbor’s dog.
It doesn’t dawn on them that they haven’t had dinner yet.
They are fully enjoying the snickers and twix given to them by our sweet friend.
It doesn’t dawn on them that they are each others best buddy.
He’s lucky that she follows everything he does, she’s lucky that he is such a good example.
Through the fighting over toys, the he says-she says, and who had it first,
the cuddle time and the concern when the other is hurt win every time,
they are so blessed to have each other and I am blessed to have them.
There is something truly magical about being a mother and enjoying the small things with them.
The fall weather in California, the quiet evenings in, and letting the kids be kids make me feel like I’m doing something right.
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