Tag! I’m it!

My sweet friend, Lesley, over at Fabulously Flawed tagged me in a little questionnaire!
I seriously love stuff like this! I love learning about other bloggy friends and seeing different personalities! I may or may not have had some of the same answers as Lesley so I will try to come up with new ones!
Here we go:
1. How did you decide to start blogging?
I’ve always had a family blog, but thought it’d be so fun to have something that me and my sister did. We both are at different stages in our life~I’m a mom of 2 moving around a lot and she is a labor and delivery nurse living far away from me. So it’s fun for us to have this and when she isn’t so busy, she might actually post here 🙂
2. What would be your dream job?
I think anything having to do with a party and helping plan. I love hosting, love baking, love decorating and love any excuse for a party, so I think I’d enjoy that.
3. What is your favorite movie or book?
I love most chick flicks so Wedding Date, Pretty Woman, The Notebook, the list goes on and on.
Any book written by Nicholas Sparks, I will have the day it comes out, read it first and then pass it to my dad. It’s kind of been our tradition since A Walk to Remember came out and I cherish it.
4. Favorite Food
I love watermelon, Cafe Rio salad, pasta, and pizza…It looks better if I put the healthier thing first right?!
5. If you had an entire afternoon free, who would you want to spend it with and doing what?
I’d have to say with my husband and kids doing at Disneyland or swimming and bbq. Then because I’m adding on to the question and assuming we’d get the evening too :), me and Mr. J would be doing dinner and a night away. Since he works for a large hotel company and my parents are close, our date nights can turn into mini vacations! But do we ever have the time for that~rarely!
6. What is the most significant goal you have achieved to date?
Being a mom to 2 sweet babes!
7. What is your dream vacation?
From the age of newborn until my early 20’s, every summer my entire family would go spend a week at the Hotel del Coronado. We all went to breakfast together, followed by the beach, then lunch, swimming at the pool, got ready for dinner, walked the streets window shopping and got ice cream…Every night for a week. It was heavenly, and we had 26 people in our party on our last trip down there. I would love to go back.

8. When you go to weddings, do you dance or sit like a bump?
It depends, family weddings we definitely dance, friends weddings we usually leave after dinner to get home to our kids.
9. If you were going to be a volunteer for an organization, what would it be?
Special Olympics, I did a couple things with them during high school and loved it! The kids were all so sweet!
10. Favorite celebrity or sports star?
I like a lot of country stars and I love me a good gossip magazine now and then, but I can’t think of a favorite!
I’ve been watching a bunch of Disney movies lately…does Rapunzel count?!
11. What is your best go-to recipe when you have company coming?
My Carmelitas! So easy and they are always gone!

Happy Friday!

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3 responses to “Tag! I’m it!”

  1. Fun facts!! Thanks so much for the tag!! And HELLO YUM!!! Thanks for sharing that recipe!!!! Pinning it and I WILL be making it too 😉 Thank you!!

  2. I love stuff like this too! Thanks for tagging me. It gives me something to do besides sleeping..LOL(never thought I would ever say that …usually my problem is not enough sleep!)Your vacays with your family whole fam sound so pleasant & I think it is so sweet that you and your sis share this blog. Another reason why I should have had a sister!!

  3. Yes, Rapunzel counts! She’s just lovely and I would love to know her in real life!
    Thank you so much for joining in. You’re always so sweet!

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