Bathroom Makeover Essentials

This year I have several home projects planned, but I’m currently redoing my bathroom. I’m starting from the beginning and have been creating a mood board of some items I love—everything from the vanity to adding some light decor. The vibe for today is simple and clean aesthetic with a mix of whites and golds. I have rounded up some of my favorite pieces for this design that I can’t wait to share with you, so let’s get started.

Bathroom Essentials Bathroom Vanity

When I was looking for a new sink, I was looking for lots of storage but something that was also sleek and wouldn’t take up too much space. This Off White Vanity is a gorgeous option to consider; you can work this with any design style. Personally, I go for the gold fixtures, especially this Heritage Two Handle Faucet and Brass Arched Mirror to match. A good light fixture is just as important as good lighting in this space. Keeping with the simple gold aesthetic, I like these Brass Wall Sconces.

Bathroom Essentials

While I appreciate the use of colorful textiles, a clean marble look never goes out of style. However, I chose two different patterns to keep everything from blending together. I plan to incorporate this Calacatta White Tile on my walls and shower and this Hexagon Porcelain on my floors. You can never have enough storage, and this Linen Cabinet is an excellent addition if your space allows it. The same tool applies to towel hooks; everyone in my house needs their own! This Brass Medalion option is a stunning choice.

Decor Makeover

This is where the fun begins; if you are looking for a few new pieces to give your bathroom some new light, these are for you. My laundry basket is such an eyesore, and I can’t wait to switch it out with this Rattan option. Adding a stool or any seating in this space will make your bathroom feel more put together and come in handy. To match the laundry basket, I love this Accent Stool. It never occurred to me to hang some art on my bathroom walls before I grabbed these Watercolored Designs. I love that such a simple touch can make my bathroom look much better.

After making this mood board, I can’t wait to share the final results of this bathroom project. Whether you are starting from scratch like me or just looking for some simple touch-ups, hopefully, this helps get your creative juices flowing. Tell me in the comments which feature of this room is your favorite. If you love these finds as much as I do, you can shop for them here:



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