DIY: Making a Pinata

Making a number pinata
I decided to take on the task of making a pinata for Bailey’s 1st birthday. It was simpler than I thought it would be. It just takes a lot of time.
We cut out a #1 and I think it was about 24″ tall.
We cut out a matching back and made edging that was about 5″ wide.
It was a HUGE pinata and it took so much candy to fill 1/2 of it.
If I did this again I would do it smaller, probably 16-18″ and 4″ of edging.
how to make a pinata
I order my crepe paper from Carte Fini. It’s the good, really great quality stuff. I cut it into strips just a few inches wide.
DIY Pinata
Since I was using white and I wanted to be extra cautious that the cardboard didn’t show through, I put 2 strips together, folded them in half (hot dog fold) and started cutting little fringes. With 2 strips together there was more volume to the fringing.
Thanks to my handy dandy Fiskars for easily cutting through strip after strip.
aqua and pink vintage headbandI saw a bunch of pinatas on Pinterest that I liked, followed techniques and patterns from a few of them, and here are a few that I love.
(Here, Here, Here)

number pinataThis was right before I lightly sprayed the pinata with glitter spray paint and it was so sparkly when we hung it up.

number 1 pinataThis was after it had been hit at the party. It stayed in tact so well with only 1 layer of tape and a whole lot of tacky glue!

gold vintage pony

Here is the original post of the party and stay tuned for a before of this horse! It was a Christmas present of mine about 20 something years ago!


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  1. Cindy says:

    Was the horse always a carousel horse or did u add the pole ? If you added the pole please share how ?

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