I’m Blank Because…

Thanks to Ashley for this fun post!
I’m weird because
I love singing crazy loud and dancing with my brother in the car to embarrass our other brother
I feel so accomplished after shopping at CVS and scoring some awesome deals
I love to make my husband blush
I can’t have a donut or chocolate chip cookie without a glass of milk
I need to sit right up close to a mirror while doing my mascara, I can’t lean over a counter
I try to have too many ventures at a time
I like to sleep with my legs in the form of the #4 and my husband usually gets a knee to the hip late at night
I don’t say NO very well
I can only “spoon” for a minute before getting uncomfortable
I’m scared of spiders even though I’m 100 times larger than them
I have wars with my son about who loves each other more and have to remind myself who is 4 1/2
I feel like it was yesterday I was lifting girls and tumbling in cheer competitions until I try doing a cartwheel and realize I’m not that flexible anymore
I have a hard time accepting and asking for help
I love hosting a bunch of people with big families and don’t get anxiety about the toy room I will completely have to reorganize
I have to shower and wash my hair every single day
I have to kiss my kids right after I brush my teeth every night even if I’ve kissed them 5 minutes before while shutting off the lights
I’m a bad friend because
I tend to be spacey and need reminder calls
I never check voicemails
I’m soaking up this time we are living by family
I might be a little too honest
I sometimes only call people that I feel comfortable with hearing my children screaming in the background
I’m a good friend because
I’m extremely loyal
I’m a fixer and I want to fix everything so that a friend can be happy
I absolutely love having good friends that make me want to be a better momma
I like to help and always am willing to have kids over to play
I give my opinion
I’m sad because
My friend that I wrote about here ended up losing her baby, so she delivered her still born on a Tuesday and buried her husband on Thursday, strongest woman I know
Mr. J makes a heck of a commute to Los Angeles so that I can be with family for a short period of time
I miss my brother who just left to go on a mission
I wish my whole family could live on a big plot of land so I could see them all of the time
I feel I could be doing so much more as a mom and am not sure where to start
I’m happy because
We spent some of last week at Disneyland with Mr. J’s bf since 6th grade and we adore his family
The kids and I get to go back because we got year passes!
I participated in my first big boutique and loved it
My sister in law asked me to snap some pictures for their Christmas picture
I scored some sweet deals at Gap
My brother is serving his mission
This is such a magical time of year and I love wearing my sweats and Uggs
I’m excited for
All of Mr. J’s family will be around for Christmas this year, hasn’t happened the whole time we’ve been married {6 years}
Beer battered shrimp, homemade french fries, & steak
My daddy’s top secret eggnog
Seeing good friends during the holidays and seeing all of their cute kids
Fun Christmas activities to do with our babes
Family time hopefully filled with shopping, football, board games, laughing and good food


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  1. Lesley says:

    I have been wearing sweats and Uggs every day! I love that I can!
    What a pretty post, darlin. Lovely!

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