What We Wore – Family Pictures

what we wore family picturesThis is going to be a longer post than I was planning on because Jenn from The Minted Company seriously rocks my socks off. I’ve known her for awhile and asked her to snap some pictures of us hoping we could use 1 for our Christmas card.
1 and I got about 50! I’m not posting our actual family picture yet because it hasn’t been ordered yet and it will be our Christmas card. 😉

husband and wife picturesWho doesn’t want a giggly picture with their sweet husband kissing their cheek and whispering sweet nothings in their ear?
I’m grateful to have this picture and even more grateful to have this babe do life with me.

blue brown and cream outfits for family picturesOn the boys:
Our son: Cargo Pants and Striped Shirt – Gap {similar}
Dad: Pants and Denim Shirt – Old Navy {similar}

On the girls:
Baby Girl – Cozette Couture – Top, Dress, Headband
Big Sis – Joyfolie Dress, Fur Vest (previous deal on Brickyard Buffalo)
Mom – Dress & Boots Forever 21
father and son
mother and daughters
cream dress for pictures

blue brown and cream plaid shirt
cream lace vintage dress

mother and son picture
daddy and daughters
family picturesWith a bunch of these poses, I just kept getting that awkward lump in my throat. Yes, I could have almost cried grateful tears. I knew Jenn was going to get some good pictures. I’d been bribing my kids for days prior to the pictures. When I got them back though, I was so surprised at how well she caught my kids personalities. Their real personalities and a few of their fun little quirks. When my baby isn’t talking (rarely happens) her little tongue doesn’t stop moving. When my little girl is trying so hard to smile, it doesn’t look real, but when we play around and laugh it’s the smile you can see in her eyes. She’s a whole lot of sweet with a little bit of sassy. My little boy is at the fun, almost toothless stage and I’m obsessed with his little grin. I will possibly be putting that picture of us up at his wedding.
loose inside out braids
loose long curls
darling fishtail with braidsI have to give a huge shout out to Emma from Emma’s Parlour for winging it, seriously this is her “going with the flow and seeing where it takes her” hairstyle. She’s a hair genius and a sweetheart.
If you have a wedding, bridals, family pictures etc coming up: emmas.parlour@gmail.com

My color and cut is done by Whitney Whitelock, email her if you are in the Utah County area. Her prices are great and she blends my hair so well that once upon a time I went 5 months without getting it done and you could barely tell. Oops, don’t recommend it, but life happened and my hair got put on hold.

I wear Laced Hair Extensions and with the holidays coming up I have a feeling that there will be a sweet deal, maybe around Black Friday 😉

If you are in Southern California, check out our Favorite Things Party coming up! We have a few tickets left!

I think I gave out any and all information in case there are any questions!
Do you have family pictures taken? If yes, how often?
Have a great day!

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  1. Dawn says:

    Beautiful family and pics and I’m dying over how amazing your hair style is, Jen!! Love it! Pinned to share! 🙂

  2. These are absolutely gorgeous! Love the fashion pics and your hair is amazing!

  3. Tiffany says:

    GORGEOUS!!! I love your outfits and the photos are just perfect!! 🙂

  4. Rachel G says:

    Your pictures turned out gorgeous!

  5. Jennie says:

    Adorable family and gorgeous photos!

  6. Absolutely love your dress! You rocked it!

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