Holiday Gift Guide for Kids

Here are a handful kids gift you are shopping for this Christmas! I’ve rounded up some of our favorite kids gift over the years and added a few that I’m grabbing this year.



Start it with..

1. This Light Up Tracing Pad would be perfect for a road trip or an airplane ride.
2. One of my girls got this for a birthday present this year and they are obsessed. I thought Ty would love the dino one. Girls Star Projection Boys Dino Projection
3. I grabbed this as an afterthought when Ty was 3 and he loved it. The older kids loved trying it out as well. Pogo Bouncer
4. This is a fun option for the days when it’s too cold to go out and do much or to play a quick round before bedtime. Superhero Matching Game
5. These have been a favorite in our house for so long. The price point and the reviews on it speak for itself. LCD Writing Pad


Consider buying these..

6. Such a fun toy and amazing price point for a whole pack of them! I stuffed them in Easter eggs (larger ones) this year and Ty still plays with them. Pull Back Dinosaur Toys
7. We have 2 of these race courses and they are such a blast! I love that they are so easy to set up and every time you can make a different course. There are also glow in the dark tracks which are fun too! Dinosaur World Race Course


It’s fun giving gifts like..

8. This would be such a fun surprise to wake up to on Christmas morning! I’ve been looking for a go kart and this one looks like it fits exactly what I’m wanting. Pedal Go Kart
9. Hours and hours have been spent playing with this Ice Cream Truck. My girls absolutely love setting it up & playing store with it.
10. For littler kids (who tiny pieces won’t work for yet), this looks like a fun ice cream store option. Scoop & Serve Ice Cream


Put a smile to every kid with..

11. We are obsessed with these and I now want every pack. So fun to see imagination & creativity really get going. Washable Paint Markers
12. Must have game for kids! Ty & I can play this all afternoon. He loves seeing who can build the pattern first and then blowing them up. Build or Boom Game
13. We’ve had these for all of our kids and love them. Magnet Tiles
14. Best, most minimal Grocery Store option I’ve seen. It’s cute, works well, and our 3 youngest love playing with it. I’d say this is a perfect gift for anyone under 10!
15. If you have the space for this, I think it’d be an awesome gift! Shark City Garage


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