Top Baby Picks with The Baby Cubby

Baby boy is coming in less than 100 days which means we need to get our list together and start checking things off!
We haven’t had a babe in 4 years which doesn’t feel like a lifetime to me, but in that world it makes it seem like we have missed everything!
I have made multiple phone calls to my sister and friends to ask what their top baby picks have been in that time.
I checked out The Baby Cubby & was pleasantly surprised to see that they have every single item that was recommended to me.

Top Baby Picks for 2017
I love Coco & Kiwi Diaper Bags which are all carried there.
{Pic by Shaylei Halling}


KicKee Pants – Aloe Armadillo    Lulu & Roo Sleepsack   KicKee Pants – Dusty Sky

My girls slept in KicKee Pants sleepers so I know how incredibly soft and cozy they are. We love the Lulu Roo Hoodies we have, so these had to be my top picks for comfy sleepers. They even have Rags to Raches, Freshly Picked Moccs, & Stance Socks!
My older son will love it if he sees that brother is rockin’ Stance like he does!

Owlet Baby Vitals Monitor
I have heard about and seen this monitor everywhere! I love my sleep and if I don’t get it, it’s hard for me to function. Add on taking care of a newborn and every little thing makes me nervous. To have a device that will help me sleep at night and calm my anxiety will be amazing. For my husband, for my other kids, for myself, everyone will be more relaxed.

DockATot Deluxe Baby Lounger
For the first little bit where I’m sure I’ll be too tired to put the baby in his crib, this will work wonders. Not only can it lay in our bed and I won’t freak out about rolling over it, I can set it on the couch during nap time and have him close without concern that he’ll fall off the couch.

Coco & Kiwi Provence Bag in Ebony
This is the newest release that I’m obsessed with! Neutrals and sleek are the best combo! There’s a navy option also that I love almost as much.

4Moms MamaRoo
This was my sister’s top baby pick as far as gear goes. Even my husband remembered her raving about it & let’s be honest, I forgot about it for a second so the fact that he remembered means she talked about it a lot.

Infant Bathing Bundle
Tubby Todd Bath & Lotion Set has worked wonders for my kids dry and cracked skin. I love the scent and how gentle it is. I did use a Puj Bath with my last 2 and loved it! Easy to clean, easy to fold up, easy to use.

Aden & Anais – Midnight   Aden & Anais – Into the Woods   Aden & Anais – Indigo
My favorite swaddle blankets. The Baby Cubby has a few brands and I want to try them. These patterns caught my eye first though so I’m leaning towards them.
I’m pretty excited with my top baby picks. There are a few fun, a few sanity saving, a few necessities.
I could use a little bit of help on my next pick.
I’m looking at the Nuna Pipa Car Seat & the Maxi- & Cosi Mico Max 30.
Thoughts on either of those?
Other than that, I’ll grab a wrap & some towels and be covered!
You need to check out The Baby Cubby! It’s a 1 stop shop, which with 3 kids is my favorite way to shop!


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