Elevate Blog Conference Recap

I want to share something that is near and dear to my heart.
It almost feels like it is my 4th child.
Elevate is a blog conference that was just held for the 2nd time in Southern California.
If you want the full details of what sparked this idea, read Summer’s post.
Simply put, Summer landed on my blog one day and asked how I lined up my buttons pretty for link parties.
I wanted to email her the tutorial I had found and read up on her a bit. I loved her blog, loved her family pictures, loved her sweet heart.
The emails started and I asked if she would ever want to host a small gathering for bloggers to meet in real life.
{After SNAP we did some sightseeing in Salt Lake!}
The first time we spoke on the phone I was so nervous. I had never spoken to a blogger on the phone before! I just tried to sound really nice and she’s kept me around!
Hoops by our sweet friend Nat
I asked what she thought about hosting a dinner for bloggers to meet up and quickly it turned into an all day event with speakers, a craft, lunch, dinner, a service project, dessert, and games.
We wanted women to come together, be inspired to share their story, and make friendships.
To make a community.
For some it’s starting from scratch, I’m Jen and this is where I blog.
For others it’s finally getting the chance to meet in real life after months of emails, comments, and shout outs.
We all start somewhere.
We wanted them to feel relaxed and in good company.
It’s easier to be behind a computer screen tweeting and sharing pictures on Instagram with just the perfect filter than it is to walk up to a group and feel accepted.
I sometimes felt intimidated and I threw it!
We searched high and low for a craft that we thought would be good for everyone. Easy to do while hanging out. We gave options, but also gave the opportunity for it to be customized. I walked around and saw Elise, who is an amazing artist, drawing templates for new friends. 
While we know it is great to learn business tips, tricks and secrets, and to find out how she really does it, we also wanted people to feel uplifted and confident in what they have to share.
Our story is our own and every one’s is different.
Our amazing venue with an even more amazing staff: Newport Dunes
We try to put together activities for bonding and helping relationships grow.
Who wouldn’t love a few new friends? Or 50?
Friends who get you. Friends who get blogging. Friends who can appreciate link parties, craft fails or triumphs, and your story.
Friends who will come to birthday parties, baby showers, baby blessings, and conferences.
Friends that will stay up to talk to you after a rough day, will dye coffee filters until they are just the right shade, and will never let you live down a joke you decided to let them in on.
Who wouldn’t want some real life friends to help you along this journey?
This is what we aim for. This is the reason we organize Elevate.
 Our awesome swag bags donated from Laura Hernandez Photography 
Graphic Design Madison Design Shop
When we clean up, pack up, and sit in shock for a couple days after, we hope that it was enjoyable for everyone involved.
Your story is special.
Our fantastic speakers: Kimmie, Sarah, Ashley, Erin

A huge thank you to all of our sponsors! Seriously, check out our sidebar! Every company that wrote back with a “yes” made my day.
We put a lot of thought into our speakers, and just as much went into the companies we wanted to work with. They were all amazing.
Our graphic designer is as sweet as they come. Allison does it all.
Obviously our photographer stays behind the camera for a reason. The picture focuses in the wrong place without her controlling it 😉 Lora we love you. You did an amazing job capturing our day.
Nichole’s sister Jen, Summer’s mom Terry, my mom Sue
These ladies worked all day to make sure everything ran smoothly. I’m indebted to them for their sweet support.
It’s a fun challenge to do something like this with friends and I’m grateful for their friendship.
I don’t consider myself a craft blogger at all, but I am pretty proud of the dessert table!
It’s my one big job that isn’t behind the scenes!
To our darling 2013 attendees:
We hope you walked away feeling inspired and important.
We appreciate you for making this year fantastic!

Lora made a video of our fun day! Check it out!
Thank you to all of our incredible sponsors!
We can’t do this without amazing sponsors and we loved working with each of these companies! Hope you will give them some love!



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9 responses to “Elevate Blog Conference Recap”

  1. I am so impressed! What a beautiful venue and purpose! It looks fantastic and you should be so proud! I would love to have been able to come!


  2. eatnapplay says:

    I’ve never felt more inspired or important! I can’t thank you enough for making this happen!!

  3. Trisha B says:

    What an amazing job you three do! I’m so bummed that I wasnt able to make it again this year. I need to find some more local bloggers to carpool down there with. I really hope that I’ll be able to attend next year! So fun!

  4. Ashley Allan says:

    Thanks for an amazing day!!

  5. I love this post and I loved Elevate SO much! I seriously haven’t stopped telling people about it. Thanks for all your hard work!!

  6. Nay says:

    So I’m going to let you in on a lil secret:) Next to my birthday, eleVate is my FAVORITE day of the year. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!

  7. Amazing! You girls are just so awesome.

  8. Thanks so much for an amazing, inspiring and truly awesome event! LOVED IT!

  9. Karen says:

    Wow, what a great event. I’ve only just begun blogging but I would love to be part of such a fun day. I wished I lived closer. I loved reading about your different blogs and this fun occasion. Thanks for your post! Karen in Central PA

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