Long Weekend ~ Valentine’s Pictures

This weekend was just what I needed.
A couple days to go away with the hubs and our mini.
Then a couple of days with family at my in laws.
A good amount of time was spent driving talking about everything under the sun.
Our families, our living situation, my husband’s job, our strengths, our weaknesses, and most importantly our kids.
Our kids are so different and their grandparents let me know that
he is obedient, she is our most pleasant baby, and that she is independent.
They each need something completely different and as a mom I feel like I’m trying to find out how to balance each special personality.

To me, he is my most prized friend. He is my best helper, my biggest fan, and functions well with a routine. Lately he’s been laughing a ton. I don’t know what is so funny, but sometimes he will clue me in. He has a soft spot for his sisters. He won’t admit it, but if they are crying or hurt, he will start crying and panicking right along with them. There aren’t many 6 year old brothers who would let their sister sit by them in class and move groups with them, but he does.
My baby is pretty pleasant, but she is most pleasant when her siblings are around. Her face lights up when they run through the room and she tries to do everything they are doing and grab everything they’ve got.
Headband: The Lil’ Cupcake 
Big sister is independent, but she is the most nurturing little girl. She takes care of her baby sis and tells her about fifty times a day how cute and sweet and adorable she is (in a high pitched momma voice.) She tries to calm her down in the car, gives her the binky, and will attempt to feed her. She worries about her big brother and little sister almost as much as I do. She loves her make up done, her nails painted, and sharing mom’s jewelry. I’ve never had someone want to be like me and it makes me so nervous that I might let her down.
If he says, “Jump!”
She says, “How high?!”
These 2 are fearless together. She wants to do everything big brother does and he would love a little space. Grandma & Grandpa took them on a 5 mile hike. They don’t hike at home, but they were up for the adventure and they both completed it! Him, trying to make sure she was 1 step behind him the whole way and following the instructions. Her, making sure no one tried to carry her so she could do it all by herself.
Miss Independence & Mr. Obedient
My friend Lora offered mini sessions for $30 for a half hour! We are so lucky she fit us in! If you live in Southern California, you should look into doing one the next time she offers!
Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!


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  1. Your kids are soooo cute! It is really amazing how different siblings can be. Each of my boys is very different from the next. The 3 youngest really look like twins, but couldn’t be more different in personality…they keep me on my toes, thats for sure! Can’t wait for Snap! SUPER excited!

  2. Too much sweetness in this whole post!!! Love the pics and the fun color combo you used!!

  3. April says:

    stop it….these are so amazing! I love the ruffled rompers..ahhhhh

  4. Love the pics of the kiddos! So precious and perfect… Wink wink love Bailey’s headband 🙂


  5. Lora Knight says:

    Love it! Those kids are perfection : )

  6. Lindsay says:

    You have the most beautiful kiddies. SO blessed!

  7. Mandi Roach says:

    My goodness, they are precious! These photos are so delightful. The colors, so vibrant. I wish I could photograph like this! [sigh]

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