Gift Guide for Parents & In Laws

Who has a hard time shopping for parents and in laws? They can be tricky to shop for. What do you get someone who has everything or they are old enough to know exactly what they like or don’t like? I’ve put together a list of things I’d grab for my husband’s parents and mine as well.


So I got to share my first five favorite gift for them.

1. My sister in law got this Silk Pillowcase last year and loves it. I might grab this for myself and my mom. The reviews on it are awesome.
2. My husband & his dad love grilling and smoking so these Meat Claws would be a fun gift. Plus, I love how they look.
3. We get a good pair of wool socks every year to #1 keep warm during the winter & #2 for skiing. Skiing is much more enjoyable when you have good gear to keep you warm. Men’s Socks
4. A good Fur Blanket is always a good idea.
5. My mom & mother in law love good quality, but are the last to shop for themselves. I love a good neutral palette that will work & wear well. Naked Eyeshadow Palette


I have listed my all-time present for my dad and my beautiful sister in law.

6. For years, this has been my favorite cologne and my dad’s. I always made sure he had a bottle. Men’s Cologne
7. I love this sweater so much. If your father or father in law ever dresses up just a little, this would look so sharp. Men’s Pullover
8. My sister in law wore this over to my house and on the spot I ordered myself one. I’ve seen it a couple times since on sale & it’s on a great one right now. So many colors and so classic! Women’s Knit Sweater
9. For the women who love a good, hot bath, this beautiful Volcano Candle would be such a treat & smells heavenly.
10. These Stacked Birthstone Rings are stunning. Dainty and so unique.


It is good to feel at ease with these best-loved items.

11. I would grab the candle & these beautiful bath soak salts would be an amazing spa package. The ingredients and oils used are to uplift, soothe and relax, so I think it’d be perfect gift.
12. These both are such a cute add on to any gift, I’d get them for just about any gal in my life. Cable Knit SocksFaux Fur Slipper
13. These are our choice of leggings for hiking, lounging, and day to day wear. Leggings
14. My father in law is always working in the garage, on a car, and around the house. He can fix anything & I like to get him a flannel that will look nice, but that he can work in. Mens Flannel
15. This is on my husband, my son, and my father in law’s list this year. I tried out a friend’s and couldn’t believe we didn’t have one yet! Therapy Gun

Did I miss anything? Is there something you’ve found that your parents or in laws can’t live without?!


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