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I’m back again with one of my favorite topics: home decor. It’s always fun picking out new pieces for your home and giving it a fresh look, whether that be big or small touches. I have recently been obsessed with neutrals for my home and a more subtle cozy design. I have picked some pieces I have been eyeing to help you draw some inspiration for your home, so let’s get started!

Cozy Home Decor

Favorite Furniture Pieces

If you are just starting out in setting up your home, I suggest always starting with furniture. Obviously, a neutral base is my favorite, so I recommend this Brynn Feather Filled Sofa. Just because it’s neutral does not mean boring, and this Ben Elm Textured Upholstered Chair is the perfect accent piece. I recommend adding a side table to any room for some dimension, such as this Everett Long Weathered Natural Wood Foyer Table, which is great for layering decor pieces. I recommend never skipping out on a rug to add some contrast, and I’m a big fan of this Beige Meena Fading Garden Washable Area Rug.

Essential Decor

These decor pieces might not be a necessity, but I would say they are common in most homes, like this Lyra White Abstract Ceramic Table Lamp. Most homes have artwork throughout them to show off personal taste. It’s always a good idea to have a bigger centerpiece, such as this The Way Home by Melissa Mary Jenkins Framed Canvas Wall Art, that is beautiful but simple. Speaking of personal touch, family photos are also great for decor purposes, and these White Sunray Bone Frames are great for any space. I always like to have extra blankets lying around for a cozy feeling in my home, and these Adira White Seagrass Basket With Lids are a super cute storage option.

For the Aesthetic Decor

These decor pieces are always fun to style and let your design personality shine through. Starting off with some of my favorites are throw pillows. I’m especially obsessed with these Taupe Embroidered Bee and Woven Botanical Square Throw Pillows that add the perfect cozy touch. A nice set of vases are great for throwing around your home for a more cohesive look. These Tapered Asymmetrical Textured Ceramic Vases are simple but great for filling negative space. Last is this super simple but chic Wood Chain Link Decor piece that can be styled in any space and look amazing.

I hope you liked some of these home decor pieces as much as I do! Comment below some popular home trends you have been seeing and loving. As usual, if you want to shop any of these finds, you can find them here:


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